Usnula Prošlost

Graphic Design / Layout -
Varaždin, Croatia 2013.


Made for the exhibition of an artist Živko Toplak. Idea for this approach came from the artists request that he would like to have a list of all of his exhibitions and projects published in one place - this catalogue. With this in mind and the difference in quantity between visual content and textual information idea to separate text from images completely came to life. 

Catalogue has two main parts - the bigger format which is a offset print on uncoated white paper with all the images and reproductions of the artwork, and the second smaller format which is printed in one color on pastel blue photocopy paper and it contains all the information about the exhibition and the artist. They are glued together and folded in the way that cover of the catalogue is first page of the smaller pastel blue part of the catalogue, keeping the separation between text and images.




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